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"Tread" by Craig Maher on INPRNT
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Joywave is an electronic/indie outfit from Rochester NY. The group released their EP How Do You Feel? back in March and have been riding high on its success with performances on Late Night with Seth Meyers, at Osheaga and Lollapalooza and a national tour including a stop with Lykke Li. Their sound and style are catchy in a big way and well worth your time. I’m looking forward to seeing where Joywave goes as they undoubtedly head towards a sophomore album.  

You can find out more about the Joywave, How Do You Feel? and their first album Koda Vista over at their website:

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Sooner or later, if you spend enough time inventing a world, you can convince yourself it exists.
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Sculptures and installations by Lin Tianmiao. The website of the artist seems to be down at the moment but u may try it here. Spy this time asylum-art.

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all yall keep callin katt williams crazy but he the only one been makin sense for a long damn time

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